AZ Sunset  
Quality Service at a Great Price

Travel Charge: A Travel charge is applied to the first Hour to cover mobile cost per Service Call Per Day of $25 - Any travel over 35 miles to the work site will be discussed and the travel charge approved by you the client before arriving on the job site.

Hourly Charge: $ 50.00 Per Hour, 1rst hour is full charge, Hours of service after that are billed in 1/2 Hour increments of $25.

Examples: A service call taking less than 1 hour will be a charge of $75, If the service call ends at 1.5 hours the total cost of the service would be $100, 2 hours would be $125...

Computer hardware/software repairs:

Basic Computer Trouble shooting, Repairs, H/W - S/W Upgrades, TCP/IP, Connectivity, Network Setup. $50 per hour plus travel charge.

Training - Basic PC, Internet, & Applications Training. $50 per hour plus travel charge - multiple hours per session or more than one person being trained can be negotiated.

Web Design and Hosting:

HTML Coding and Setup - Pages set up in basic HTML Coding for your site start at $125 per page, more complex pages will be discussed and approved before completion.

Web Hosting - Starts at $200 per year for 10 MB of file space plus $45 for a 2 year Domain registration - if more space is needed the client will be notified before charges are applied (c) 2008 Phoenix, Arizona